5 Web Hosting Features with Little Value

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Web Hosting

This is why web hosting companies try to highlight their exclusive features to show why they are different and better from the rest. While this can be good because it allows a new person to quickly scan through the different features given out by different companies, it can also be bad –because it can be a spoof; sometimes not all of these claims made by web hosting companies are true. Even if not outlandishly false, they are at times impractical and cleverly worded to hide the truth.

To help a newbie from falling for the wrong company or a higher priced package which does not really offer all that it claims, this article will list five such features which are highlighted by web hosting companies –which have next to no value in reality.

  1.  Google Analytics: Companies often claim their package will provide FREE Google Analytics. However, this is a ploy because Google Analytics is a free service anyway, provided by Google itself, and not the hosting company. You can easily subscribe for this service by creating an account with Google.
  2.  Support for JavaScript, Flash, DHTML : Don’t be fooled by this one. Many people fall for this because of the techy jargon used. However, you need to know these types of files are actually run on the client’s computer –meaning their plugins need to be installed and updated. You have nothing to do with these files, and therefore this ‘support’ is redundant.
  3. Round the Clock Email Support: Before falling for this one, just stop and think, is there any time of the day when you cannot send an email?
  4. Unlimited Bandwidth: Usually companies claim to provide you unlimited bandwidth along with unlimited storage. However what happens in real is that when you start reaching a certain storage threshold, they somehow jam up your usage and force you to buy a higher priced package. This is because most of them have a ‘fair usage’ or ‘normal usage’ policy. So at the end, your unlimited is not really unlimited.
  5. WordPress Support: This is again like Google analytics. You can sign up with Joomla, Drupal, WordPress etc. for their accounts and support.

So be aware of what you are being offered and get yourself a good bargain.