The Benefits of Free and Paid Web Hosting Providers

With the number of small businesses, individual ventures and private companies increasing, web hosting is becoming more and more popular. Whether it’s a bigger company with a three-digit employee number, a small venture by a stay-at-home mother or even a technology blog run by some tech nerd – almost everyone needs a website these days. And of course, when you need a website, you need a web host.

This is why free web hosting has become increasingly popular in the last decade. WordPress and Blogger are some of the leading names for free web hosting. However, while the word ‘free’ in free web hosting might be enough to convince a new starter to instantly go for this solution, it is good to know the benefits of both, free and paid web hosting, so one can decide better what one needs to go for.

This article will list some of the benefits of free and paid web hosting.

Free Web Hosting

Free web hosts do not charge their users for the hosting services provided. This is why the URL of the website looks something like this:

while not having an exclusive URL might seem like a disadvantage, free web hosting has the following advantages to offer to new entrepreneurs:

  1. Ease of Signing Up: With a free host it is very simple to start up a website. You just need to sign up, make an account and that’s it! No complicated installations or payment options are involved.
  2. Advertisements: Because free hosts make money by using their hosted websites for putting advertisements, it also gives you an opportunity to place your own advertisements. These advertisements help you earn money once the website starts getting a higher number of traffic.
  3. Simplicity of HTML: The HTML editor is simple and user-friendly, and for those with no knowledge of coding, this is a big blessing.

Paid Web Hosting

However, if free web hosting is so easy and FREE, then why go for paid web hosting? Well, the paid version has its own advantages. Some of which include:

  1. Personalized URL: An exclusive web domain makes you appear more professional and serious.
  2. Customer Support: While the free hosting also gives customer support, it is often limited to support forums. The paid version gives you full customer support.
  3. Higher Bandwidth and Data Transfer Capacity: Paid hosting gives you a much greater bandwidth and data transfer capacity. It also allows you to upload a lot more content than the free version.
  4. No Advertisements: While having advertisements in the free version can also earn money for the customers, sometimes, you don’t want ads on your website. The paid version gives you full control for advertisement banners so you can decide whether to have them or not.

Both types of web hosting have their own advantages. It is best to choose according to your use.


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