The Main Areas Covered by Web Hosting Providers

Web Hosting
Web Hosting

Web hosting is generally a broad field that deals with a number of issues regarding security, support, assistance and software needs of the clients that use the web servers. The package for each company is cut out according to the needs of the client and varies regarding cost effectiveness and speed along with a numerous other factors.

Web hosting services provide companies with their own space on the World Wide Web that can be utilized by them to build an online image that they want to project to their clients. The clients can access the website through the URL of the company that is unique for each website. The request is sent to the servers that display the required information to the client. The extent to which the owner or organization can control the content on the website and the working of the server depends upon the type of web hosting service that is being availed by them.

Broadly, web hosting providers deal with the following issues.


The web hosting services are responsible for the security settings of the web page or website so that unknown scripts do not make their way on to the website. Although the level of security on the website is at the discretion of the owner but the web hosting provider is generally responsible for the entire set up.

Speed and Connectivity

The speed and internet connectivity are the main domains covered by the web hosting providers. The speed and connectivity of the server generally depends upon the type of package that is chosen, such as free web hosting, shared hosting, etc.

Online Support Assistance

Web hosting providers are responsible for the online support and assistance. It includes any support regarding scripting and security issues. It also includes PHP and MySQL support. PHP is the general purpose programming language that is widely used for scripting purposes. MySQL is an open database management system that is widely used.

Website Builder

Website Builder is another tool that is provided by the web hosting providers. It is a very basic tool that is used to familiarize the new users with the development of web pages.

There are many other areas covered by web hosting companies but most vary according to the type of web hosting one requires or the package that one avails.