What Kind of Web Hosting Suits you: Managed or Dedicated?

What is Managed Hosting?

Managed Hosting
Managed Hosting

Let’s just start off with understanding what managed web hosting and dedicated web hosting really are. The former is when you can purchase parts of a public cloud for a specific time period in order to run a business online or to base a contract. This is obviously cheaper, more temporary and easier to handle since once you’ve bought the domain; there is little left for you to do.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated Hosting
Dedicated Hosting

The latter, however, is the most exclusive aspect of cloud computing. Not only is it highly expensive, but its benefits are also unprecedented. This aspect of hosting allows you to get a whole server which needn’t be shared with anyone else. Of course, this allows you to attain maximum privacy and is thereby, used for people who wish to maintain their websites permanently for either corporate or personal reasons. So, let’s just understand why either of these is better under which umbrella.

Who Triumphs in Price?

We’re going to look at two aspects in terms of price. Firstly, we’re going to need to establish which one is cheaper. Needless to say; managed cloud hosting, since on a shared server, is relatively cheaper and is best for temporary use. Dedicated hosting is a great way of managing a business, but only if you can afford it. This brings us on to the second aspect; which server accommodates your means. So, let’s just say you have enough money to get a dedicated server, but you need one for just a month to execute a contract; we’d suggest you go for managed hosting since your job is less and you can spend your money in a more cost efficient manner.

Who Takes the Cake in Privacy?

Then, we’re going to look at this through the privacy lens. We’d say that a dedicated server gives maximum safety and privacy to individuals and companies since you’re leasing a server for entirely your own means. This is as opposed to managed cloud hosting because you’re sharing a chunk of a server and there is no entire guarantee that you’ll be getting the exact privacy you need. Therefore, we’d suggest you look at your purpose before you choose.

Choose Wisely

At the end of the day, no form of web hosting suits people objectively. Rather, it is all contingent upon the kind of work that you have to do, the need for a server, the kind of network you need and more importantly; the amount that you can afford. So, in order to go for a server; we suggest excellent research and a cost benefit analysis before you finally take the plunge.